Episode 5: Finding a birth place and a doula (a conversation with Jasmine Lyerla)

This episode, with birth doula Jasmine Lyerla, answers so many questions for moms (and perhaps makes a mom think of more questions she needs to ask!). We cover topics like:

  • How do I find the right hospital or birth place?
  • What are some questions to ask when hiring a doula?
  • What are the necessary tests and procedures for my child after birth?

Jasmine serves San Antonio’s lower income community through her doula services at the San Antonio Birth Doulas (through Catholic Charities). You can read more about their mission and their services by clicking here. This group does an amazing job in supporting SA families who are making transitions into parenthood and empowering them to make the choices that are right for their health and well-being.

At one point, Jasmine and I talk about VBACs. VBAC stands for Vaginal Birth After Cesarean and simply refers to a woman who delivers her child vaginally after having had a cesarean section.

We also cover the Vitamin K shot briefly in this episode. I struggled with whether or not I wanted to administer this shot to my baby when she was born. My midwife directed me to this article, and it helped me and my husband make the decision to go ahead and give our baby the shot, especially since I was planning to nurse and babies do not receive as much Vitamin K through breastmilk as they do through forumula. I felt great about our choice because I did some research and made an informed decision. Take some time to read about any and all “normal procedures” that go on during pregnancy, labor, delivery, and postpartum to decide what you want and do not want for you and your baby. That way, when you look back, you can know you made a choice based on evidence, research, and your gut. No surprises and (hopefully) no regrets.

Some websites and books that Jasmine recommends:

The Wonder Weeks website

La Leche League International website

Kelly Mom website


FYI, the links below are affiliate links to Amazon. If you purchase through these links, I have the potential to earn a little commission at no cost to you. Thanks! 

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