Episode 7: Breastfeeding and tongue ties (a conversation with Dawna Mangrum)

Dawna suffered through five weeks of painful latches and clogged ducts before finally seeing a specialists who would correct her daughter’s tongue tie. This journey projected her into becoming a lactation consultant focussed on supporting lower-income women through San Antonio Birth Doulas.

To connect with Dawna, you can visit the Little Loves Doula Care website or their Facebook page. She can also be reached through San Antonio Birth Doulas for teen mothers, low income women, Military E5 and below, and women who have a deployed spouse, regardless of rank.

Other resources that Dawna recommends (some of them specific to San Antonio/Texas):

South Texas La Leche League

The Milc Group, which is run by IBCLC and LLL Leader, Tina Castellanos and Ginger Chun

Baby Cafe

Tongue Tie Babies Support Group on Facebook

Texas Tongue Tie Facebook group

If someone needs a good provider to release lip/tongue ties, Dawna highly recommends Dr. Lucas at Austin Pediatric Dentistry  or Dr. Evy at Green Apple Pediatric Dentistry in Austin


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