12919838_10208857121209297_9047180949694580369_n Hi there. My name is Mary Kate Lewis and I’m the mother of the beautiful Regina. I worked for one year as a postpartum and labor doula until a few months into my pregnancy. Although I loved being a doula and supporting mothers during and after labor, a fulltime/daytime job was what I needed for this new season in my life. So I gave up my training, experience, and passion for being a doula, not knowing if I would ever go back into that line of work again. However, the passion didn’t leave me. Any chance I got, I would educate unsuspecting friends, co-worke
rs, or even strangers regarding birth and baby care. Finally, a year and a half after leaving my job as a doula, I realized I didn’t have to give it all up. I could use my passion for women, babies, and birth mixed with my love of blogging and podcasting to educate women on their choices and help them thrive as mamas.

So I started Another Mom Podcast. I know there are a ton of mom blogs and podcasts out there you could be listening to and I might be just another voice in the sea of women (and men!) putting their opinions out there. Here at Another Mom Podcast, my goal is to inspire just one other woman to pursue what she thinks is best, but the rest of the world tells her is crazy/outdated/whatever-negative-word-you’ve-heard-recently.MK-logo-2

I feel like we make birth and babies so complicated in America. Not to mention all the fear and misconceptions surrounding birth and baby care! It shouldn’t have to be this hard or complicated to do what’s best for both mothers and infants. I’m here to support mothers who are interested in going back to the way things nature intended. Weather you aren’t sure what an epidural is or you want to birth in the middle of a forest, this podcast will have something for you.

Send your questions my way through email or facebook. If you’re interested in being a guest on the show, let me know who you are and what you’re passionate about when it comes to moms and babies.

Thanks for listening!

Mary Kate Lewis

September 2016